Every used panties comes with a set of 10 pictures and are vacuum sealed for extra freshness!  A handwritten note, play session and free shipping are also included! Here, you can see the list of all the possible customization. Find all my available panties HERE.




Panties worn 24 hours: $40

  • 24h of wear.
  • 10 pictures
  • Vacuum sealed packaging

Panties worn 48 hours: $45 5LOuUsJ

  • 48h of wear
  • 1 play session
  • 10 pictures
  • vacuum sealed packaging

Get up to twice the amount of Cum in your panties for a total price of $60. Ask for Overflow OptionOFYjcI5


  1. Overflow Option¹ is when I reach in my pussy with my finger and take all the cream left from the play session to put it on the panties gusset: $15
  2. Additional 24h of wear (up to a limit of 5 days) : $20, Play session included when you order 4 to 5 days.
  3. Additional pictures: $2
  4. Additional play sessions* guaranty you more cream: $15 each
  5. Panty-stuffing + picture (first day only): $15
  6. No wiping pussy area (pee in panties/pee odors): $5 per day
  7. No washing between lips: Free
  8. Strong ass scent. I always use baby wipes after going for #2. If you want me to use regular paper towel, it is FreeLacking on the wiping (last day only): $5
  9. Scented body lotion: Randomly applied. If you absolutely want me to apply some or none, it is free.
  10. Spritz of perfume: Free
  11. Workout: Random workout session. If you absolutely want one, please add $10
  12. PussyPops or AssPops: 15$ or 3 for $20 when you buy a used pair or collected cream.

¹ In order for all customers to be treated equally, I allow my vagina to ”renew itself with cream” for 24 hours after every ”Overflow” orders.

Every panties I produce are as creamy as shown on the pictures (when asked with the overflow option)

About my Panty Drawer.

Every panties listed in this Imgur album are available. They are categorized by colors and styles. I regularly update the drawer to allow you to choose between more than 50 pairs. They all mostly comes from leading Canadian lingerie brands ”La vie en rose” and ”La sanza”.

In every pictures’ description, I describe the fabrics as being ”cotton”, ”soft” or ”lace”. “Soft” refers to a microfiber type of fabric that is like satin to the touch whereas ”cotton” is known to retain moisture well. In my opinion, every styles collect the cream in a similar way. G-Strings, thongs and cheeky panties are more subject to ass’ scents.



  • Panties. Regular mail: FREE.
  • Tracking number: $5
  • Express shipping (1 to 2 days with tracking number) for a pair of panties: $15.
  • Express shipping (1 to 2 days with tracking number) for a cup of cream with or without a pair of panties: FREE!


  • Panties. Regular mail: FREE.
  • Tracking number: $5
  • Cup of cream. Regular mail: $10
  • Cup of cream & Panties*. Regular mail: $5
  • Express shipping options are calculated according to the customer’s zip code.

* Cup of cream & Panties ship together for $5. Get them in two different parcels for $10. This will allow you to receive fresher panties!

International: Price will be determined according to your location with Canada Post ”find a tariff” tool.

²Canadians have the possibility to have their parcel shipped directly to the post office of their choice with FlexDelivery. Learn more on how you could discretely receive your panties for free here.



*For any special orders as bras or socks, shipping price will be discussed according to the parcel’s dimensions.